Isomerization Process Heater

The isomerization process upgrades the octane number of light naphtha fractions and also simultaneously reduces benzene content by saturation of the benzene fraction. Isomerization complements catalytic reforming process (CCR) in upgrading the octane number of refinery naphtha streams.

The heater designs generally governed by licensor specifications such as UOP, axens or by international specifications.

Material of Construction

  • Heating Elements: Alloy 800 seamless tubes or SS 321 seamless Tubes.
  • Pressure Vessel : P11 / SS304 /SS316/SS321
  • Certification : ATEX Ex’d” (Flame proof) / ASME U stamp / any other based of regional requirements
  • Temperature Range:operating temperature range of 10°–600°C (50°– 1112°F).
  • Heater Rating : from 1 – 10000 kW, (single or multi stage)

Marathon Design Specialty

  • Marathon electric process heaters have compact design.
  • Virtually 100% efficiency
  • No risk of fouling that creates a need for frequent cleaning.
  • Effectively controlled by well-designed Thyristor control Panel