Electron Beam Irradiated Cable

Electron Beam Irradiator Cable is used for the signal transmission, controlling and measuring system of the electric apparatus and the power distribute apparatus in the field of metallurgy, power and petro chemistry. The electron beam processing in wires and cables helps to improve thermal, chemical, barrier, impact wear and other mechanical properties to meet the demanding applications of the customers in wires and cables


  • Continuous Operating Temperature 150°C
  • Better UV and Ozone resistance And Improved Weather Resistance In Adverse Conditions
  • Improved Oil & Chemical Resistance, Improved Crack Resistance.
  • Long Term Heat Ageing & Flame Retardancy
  • Fire Hazard Reduction
  • Short Circuit Free
  • Higher Insulation Resistance
  • Longer Service Life Compare to Conventional Cables.


  • PV Solar Cables
  • High Temperature Cable Up To 150°C
  • Railways & Shipment Wires
  • Automobile For Wiring And Harnesses
  • XL PVC Compound Up To 105°C
  • Elastomeric Cables For Windmill/ Welding/ Nuclear Power Plants.

Electron Beam Irradiated Cable Models

Electron Beam Irradiator Cable

Electron Beam Irradiator Cable

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