Digital Linear Heat Sensing Cables

Linear Heat Detection Cable consist of a twisted pair of extremely low resistance tri metallic conductors, coated in advanced temperature-sensitive thermal polymers which is chemically engineered to breakdown at particular fixed temperatures allowing the twisted conductors to make contact and initiate an alarm at the control panel. This linear cable can detect a fire anywhere along its entire length.
The proper temperature model must be chosen to provide the fastest alarm response to a potential fire conditions without creating false alarm conditions as it’s a co-axial cable which exerts a defined change in electrical resistance of internal polymer when subjected to changes in surface temperatures. Fault indication of open and short circuit condition on the sensor cable can be provided by system monitoring through an associated electronic interface unit.

  • Construction

    Dual Insulated, twisted pair tri-metallic cores

  • Insulation

    1.1 Kv tested Advanced Thermal Polymers

  • Wire Overall Diameter

    3.60 mm (Approx)

  • Minimum Bending Radius

    50 mm > 0 Deg C
    100 mm < 0 Deg C

  • Ambient Temperature

    -68 °C to 78 °C version
    -88 °C to 105 °C version

  • Maximum Rated Voltage

    30 Vac /42 Vdc

  • Resistance

    100 Ohm/Km

  • Maximum Zone Length

    3000 mtr.

  • Capacitance

    88-150 pF/mtr.

  • Inductance

    540-1050 H/mtr.

  • Outer Color

    Red for 68 °C
    Yellow for 78 °C
    Light Green for 88 °C
    Dark Green for 105 °C

  • Available

    200 / 300 / 500 Mtr Length

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