Aluminium Pyrometers

Infrared thermometers measure the amount of infrared energy emitted by an object’s surface and then convert this signal into a temperature value. While many factors affect the measurement accuracy, the most important consideration is the selection of the sensor design that most effectively compensates for the emissivity characteristics of the measured surface.
Successful temperature measurement of ‘non-greybody’ materials, such as aluminium, requires the use of a multi-wavelength sensor to compensate for the complex emissivity characteristics of these materials. For example, aluminium emissivity variations occur with changes in the alloy, surface oxidation, surface texture, surface contamination, and crystal structure.

We have a unique line of proprietary pyrometers that use a totally new approach for accurate temperature measurement. These proprietary pyrometers provide highly accurate, non-contact temperature measurement of true target emissivity and intermediate these products are not sensitive to changes in emissivity or other target parameters and are not affected by the intermediate conditions between the pyrometer and the target. As a result, our pyrometers are capable of handling the unstable targets and intermediate conditions commonly found in the aluminium indicating the target temperature to a high degree of accuracy.

Aluminium Pyrometers Models

Hubungi Kami