Incinerator for Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Sanitary napkin disposal machine used to disposal machine is personal hygienic product. The automatic disposal machine used to dispose the sanitary napkin completely. It also protects women for bacterial disease and infection. It is mostly installed in school & college, hospitals, offices, public places etc. The automatic machine easily burn large number of sanitary napkin and its also provide smell free burning. This sanitary napkin disposal machine comes in various dimensions and specifications

Advantages of sanitary napkin disposal machine

  • Instant dispose a napkin in a scientific and hygienic way.
  • Front Open door for easy working.
  • Inside refractory lining giving excellent heat retention.
  • The Ash is collect in ash tray in bottom.
  • Simply start and forget.
  • Automatically burns and stops.
  • Completely burn the napkins.
  • Specially designed to dispose large amount of napkin waste

Applications of Sanitary Napkin Disposable Machine

  • Hospitals and apartments
  • Corporate offices & Factories
  • Girls School & college
  • IT Companies & Institutions
  • Hotels & Movie Halls
  • Public Toilets and Theme parks
  • Waiting / Rest rooms
  • Airports, Railways & Bus Station
  • Shopping Malls & Complex
  • Girls & women Hostels

Our Heater Model for this Application

Our Component product Ceramic Band heater is almost used in this application with different Customized sizes for different vending machines. Our Heater is installed inside Incinator on circular pipe. Heater is use to burn sanitary pads on high temperature. We can provide all dimension as per customer requirements but maximum supplied sizes are 1200W heater.

Results & Conclusion

Band heater is the most cost effective solution to take temperature in this application. Moreover it requires zero maintenance from the operator part to run the equipment. Moreover this is very easily removable as well as installing time is very less