Cooler dan Kiln Inet Camera

High Temperature Furnace Monitoring System TFV 750/1100 Our high-temperature Furnace monitoring systems provide plant engineers and operators in the control room with views of burner flames, material alignment and movement, and other process conditions in furnace, kiln, heating stove or other combustion chamber. We use special color camera above 480 lines, pinhole lens and stainless steel camera housing with water and air cooling system, enabling the system working in high temperature environment.

The system has auto-retraction and auto insertion function. The camera will exit out of the furnace, when the temperature of the inner camera housing is higher than the setting value or the pressure of compressed air & flow of water is lower than the setting value or the power failures.

Product Features

  • Auto Pneumatic retraction and insertion in case of failure of air, water supply and increased temperature
  • Water cooled lens tube assembly
  • Vortex air cooled camera chamber
  • Auto shut off gate
  • Air purged wall sleeve
  • Long pin hole optical tube
  • High Dynamic CMOS Camera

Application Areas

  • Cement Kiln and Cooler
  • Glass Furnace
  • Metal Reheat Furnace
  • Power Boiler
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