Panel Hopper Heater ESP

Hopper heater is self-contained heaters whose design provide heat outputs up to 3 watts/squire inch, with a maximum circuit size of 4.5 KW depending on the application, the design of the hopper heater is such that it distributes heat over its entire surface.

The heater is offered in multiple designs, each one includes a heater element made of Inconel/Nichrome/SS. The heater element which provides the multiple flow paths for electrical current to pass. This design eliminates the burn out chances common with series wire based design.


  • Maximum watt density : 3 w/in2
  • Maximum supply voltages: 415 V
  • Max. operating temperature: 200°C


  • Parallel circuit high temperature alloy heating element.
  • Temperature rated insulation- Mica and glass wool.
  • Aluminium/Aluminium coated steel protective enclosure and its cover with mounting channel attachment.
  • High temperature insulated lead wire for connection.

Hopper Heating Modules for Power Plants


Available PH Hopper Heating Module Sizes

Heater Sizes(inches) Stud Spacing(inches)
35.43X21.65 33.85
19.68X17.71 18.11
9.64X17.32 15.74
55.11X17.71 16.14
9.05X10.82 9.25
43.30X13.77 12.20
9.84X35.43 33.85
13.77X13.77 12.20
9.84X27.16 25.59
5.70X13.77 12.20

The Hopper Heating Modules are developed to address the unique and specific requirements for the prevention of condensation in fly ash hoppers and are also custom designed to provide low watt density, uniform heating over the lower areas of the hopper also.

Panel Hopper Heater ESP Models


Hopper Heater

Max. operating temperature : 200°C

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