Kabel Tahan Panas

Tempsens offers a range of single & multi-core Heat Resistance Cable for temperature range up to 800°C. Our Heat Resistance Power Cables are suitable to resist in chemical, fire and flame atmosphere. These HR Cables are used in Steel &Sponge, Glass, Cement, Power generation Plant etc.

  • Construction

    Single/ Multi Cores

  • Voltage Grade

    Up to 1.1 KV Grade

  • Conductor

    ABC, NPC, NPC 27%

  • Conductor Size

    1.5, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0, 10.0, 16.0, 25.0, 35.0 Sq mm upto 240 sq. mm

  • Heat Barrier Tape

    Polyimide Tape

  • Conductor Stranding

    Multistrand as per IS 8130:84/IEC60228

  • Core Insulation

    PTFE, FEP, PFA, Silicon, Fibre Glass, Ceramic Fibre etc.

  • Isolator

    Polyimide, Sintered PTFE Foil

  • Fire Barrier Tape

    Glass Mica Tape

  • Screening

    Mesh Braided(Overall)

  • Inner/Outer Sheath

    Teflon, Fibre Glass, Ceramic Fibre etc.

  • Outer Braiding


  • Armoring

    SS Braiding

  • Standards

    As per IS 8130:84, JSS 51038, JSS 51037

Kabel Tahan Panas Models


Heat Resistance Cable

Polyimide-PTFE-Polyimide-Isolater-Inner PTFE-Mica-Fiber Glass-SS Braiding – 400°C


Heat Resistance Cable

Polyimide-PTFE- Polyimide Isolater-Inner PTFE-Mica- Fiber Glass-Asbestos Braiding – 400°C


Heat Resistance Cable

Polyimide-PTFE-Double Fiber Glass-Overall Polyimide Isolater-Inner PTFE-Mica-Double Fiber Glass-Asbestos Braiding-SS Braiding – 600°C


Heat Resistance Cable

PTFE-Inner PTFE-SS Braiding – 300°C


Heat Resistance Cable

PTFE-Inner PTFE-Fiber Glass-SS Braiding – 350°C


Heat Resistance Cable

Silicon-Silicon-Fiber Glass Braiding – 200°C


Heat Resistance Cable

Silicon-Silicon – 200°C


Heat Resistance Cable

Polyimide-Fiber Glass-Fiber Glass-Asbestos Braiding – 450°C


Heat Resistance Cable

Polyimide-Fiber Glass-Fiber Glass-SS Braiding – 450°C

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