Conveyor Mesh Belt Furnace

Electric Conveyor mesh belt type furnaces are used for continuous heating purpose of large quantities of goods. Conveyor belt continuously rotate through the furnace electrically which poses the temperature (250°C to 1200 ºC). Material to be heated is kept at one end on belt which passes through the furnace.

Key Features

  • Continuous heating purpose of large quantities of goods. Material to be heated is kept on Conveyor belt which continuously rotate through the furnace.
  • Maximum temperature (ambient to 1150°C). The furnace is designed to operate with hydrogen atmosphere, cracked ammonia atmosphere, nitrogen and argon atmosphere.
  • Specially designed corrugated muffles (metallic) are used to withstand thermal expansion for certain processes. Metallic muffles may be of stainless steel or high nickel and chromium based alloys.
  • Energy efficient, Improve productivity and excellent repeatable heat treatment.
  • A variable speed drive unit with widely adjustable belt speeds allows the treatment of different thicknesses of materials and grades with varying temperature-time requirements.
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