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Tempsens Calibration Centre offers calibration of wide ranges of Furnaces at site and at our lab.

Temperature Uniformity Survey

Temperature Uniformity Surveys commonly referred to as a TUS, establish objective evidence of the heat distribution characteristics throughout an oven or furnace system. It also identifies the qualified work zone within the oven or furnace system. TUS’s can also be an effective way of determining the efficiency of the furnace system and to monitor furnace performance over time.

System Accuracy Test, commonly referred to as an SAT, is another critically important and often required test. System Accuracy Tests are performed to determine the error within the temperature control system (temperature control device/lead wire/thermocouple). Regardless of the application, knowing the error that exists in your temperature control system allows for more consistent control of quality.

Need for Furnace Calibration

The purpose of the uniformity survey is to determine the range of temperatures present at different locations in the furnace under normal operating conditions standards. It will cater the needs for uniform heating inside the furnace to match the product quality as well as process parameters.

Application Areas

  • Vacuum Furnace
  • Continuous Belt Furnace
  • Forging Furnace
  • Batch Furnace
  • Rotary Furnace
Quality Measured/Instruments Temperature Range Calibration & Measurement Capability
Multipoint Position Calibration of Chamber, Oven, Furnaces (Thermal Mapping(TUS) -80ºC to 200ºC 0.5ºC
>200ºC to 1200ºC 2 ºC
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