Portable Temperature Calibrator

These calibrators are Portable, Lightweight, Highly Stable Temperature calibrators for Industrial/ Laboratory Field Use.
With Tempsens’s Compact Temperature Calibrator, you have chosen an extremely effective instrument which we hope will live up to all your expectations. This is a fast, timesaving, and reliable true industrial temperature calibrator designed for On-Site use.

Portable Temperature Calibrator Models

CALsys 1200

Portable Thermocouple Calibrator

Temperature Range: 250°C to 1200°C

CALsys 650

Portable Calibrator

Temperature Range: 50°C to 650°C

CALsys 250

High Accuracy Liquid Bath

Temperature Range: 50 to 250°C

Calsys -100/40

Calsys -100/40 Portable ,FPSC system based low temperature calibrator

Temperature Range: -100 °C to 40 °C , FPSC system based Calibrator

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