Produk Khusus

Produk Khusus Models


ALUGUARD Molten Thermowell

Aluguard is the best solution with high bond strength coating, Ensures permanent adhesiveness, easy mounting, ability to resist surface penetration by molten metal and slag.


Temperature Transmitters (Head Mounted, Din Rail)

Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter (HT) , Isolated Head Mounted (HT I), Din Rail Temperature Transmitter (DRT ) & Isolated Din Rail Temperature Transmitter (DRT I)


Probe with Transmitter

Probe Temperature Transmitter for head mount with TTL interface configuration.It is perfect for enviroments where we have vibrations, moisture and extreme temperatures, electro-magnetic interference, high voltage and other interferences


SPNDs (Self-Powered Neutron Detectors)

Self-Powered Neutron Detectors are effectively as incoreflux monitors in nuclear power reactors.The typical SPND is a coaxial cable consisting of an inner Electrode (the emitter), surrounded by insulation and an outer electrode (the collector).


Thermocouple with Moulded Connector

Thermocouple with Moulded connector design is suitable for applications where there is possibility of failure in transition of signal from instrument to temperature readout unit in high ambient conditions.


Thermal Dispersion Type Level Sensing Unit

Thermal Dispersion Type Level Sensing Unit is suitable for Continuous measurement of Level instead of distinct point measurement

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