Temperature Transmitter TC dan RTD

Tempsens menjual Transmitter untuk TC dan RTD baik tipe DIN RAIL, Head Mounted, Wireless Type. Tersedia juga dalam protocol HART dan 4-20 mA.

Tempsens wireless temperature transmitter & receiver used to measure the temperature of RTD & Thermocouple(Universal) sensors. It is battery operated, accurate temperature transreceiver based on wireless technology. Using this technology a single receiver can receive data from 50 transmitters upto a distance of 100 meters in line of sight or 40meters in indoors. Wiring expenses are eliminated with modern wireless technology.


  • Measurement Inputs: RTD & Thermocouple (Universal)
  • License Free Radio Frequency band :868MHz
  • Wireless Parameter: Configurable
  • Longer Battery Life
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