Heaters for Multi Track Packing Machine

A multipack is packaging that combines or holds multiple items or smaller packages. packaging machinery is used throughout all packaging operations, involving primary packages to distribution packs. This includes many packaging processes: fabrication, cleaning, filling, sealing, combining labeling, overwrapping, palletizing. Some packaging operations cannot be accomplished without packaging equipment, for example many packages include heat seals to prepare or seal a package.

Combine several items for a larger unit of sale, often with a reduced individual cost, provide a package handle to conveniently carry several items. Help prevent package pilferage. Reduce environmental impact of secondary packaging.

Types of Machinery

  • Accumulating and collating machines
  • Blister packs, skin packs and vacuum packaging machines.
  • Bottle caps equipment, over capping
  • Box, case, tray and carrier forming
  • Cartooning machines
  • Converting machines
  • Filling machines

Our Model for this Application

Our Component product Cartridge heater is almost used in this application with different Customized sizes. In this photo heated manifold is shown which is use to maintain temperature in this process.