Box dan Chamber Oven

Chamber furnaces are usually rugged, refractory based construction or lightweight ceramic fiber board and insulation based in construction.

Heating elements could be Nichrome, Kanthal A1/APM, silicon carbide or molybdenum disilicide depending on the temperature and process.These furnaces can be used for hardening, annealing, normalizing, sintering, tempering, stress relieving, pre-heating etc. The entire range, size and temperature can be determined by individual need and requirement. The door design can be Hinge Type or Vertical Lifting as per chamber size.

  • Maximum Temperature


  • Heating Element

    Kanthal APM / SiC / MoSi2

  • Insulation

    Ultra High Alumina Low Thermal Mass Insulation

  • Temperature Control

    Microprocessor Based PID Controller

  • Safety Controller

    For Over Heat Protection

  • Power Control

    through thyristor or SSR unit

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