Thermocouple For Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)

SRU (Sulfur Recovery Unit) recover elemental Sulfur formacid gas ( H2S) in a refinery. Also it used for reduce the amount of H2S (after Sulfur recovery), which will be discharge in atmosphere.
The Straight through Claus process is used to remove elemental sulfur from H2S and in this process H2S and O2poured in furnace burner and burn it on temperature approx. 1000°C. Here we required accurate temperature measurement with safety alarm to prevent furnace refractory.

Tempsens is offering High temperature sensors (PTRH-PT Thermocouples) for this application with high accuracy & durability.

SRU thermocouples consist of PTRH-PT (R/S/B Type) elements, High Temperature Ceramic Tubes and Explosion Proof terminal head.

The thermocouple junction is isolated from the corrosive and invasive gases by using a constant air purge system across the junction.

Air purge system is kept at a pressure higher than the internal reactor pressure to avoid the entry of hazardous process gases inside the inner tube as the ceramic tube is the porous one. This is required to avoid the thermocouple oxidation and to get a fair life.

Glass Sealing is done below the terminal block/on the inset top to avoid accident during the breakage of ceramic tube, as it acts as a pressure boundary wall & stop the inner pressure to come out through the head.

Measuring Range Ambient to 1500°C (R/S/B Type)
Type of Sensor Simplex, Duplex (Ungrounded)
Standard Sheath Materials Ceramic KER – 710/C799
Flange Material Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Working Pressure Upto 10 Bar