Advanced Temperature Measurement Solution For Stove Dome In Blast Furnace

In stove dome furnaces, measuring atmosphere is very harsh. It consists of high temperature, high pressure and high steam velocity. To measure these temperatures, Stove Dome type Thermocouples are used. Hot Stove Dome Thermocouple consists of high quality protection tube with superior bending strength, porosity & oxidation resistance. It has special sealed structure (i.e. glass sealing) on Thermocouple wire at the cold end side due to which it has long service life and can withstand in these harsh conditions.

Why To Use Stove Dome Thermocouple?

Stove operators all around the world are always trying to save money on coke, a material commonly used in combustion. Coal injection into furnaces can significantly reduce the amount of coke required, saving money on operation. In order to work effectively for this process, it must be carried out at an optimal temperature, which must be controlled by stove dome thermocouples. With the advancement of coal injection technology over the years, modern hot blast stoves are becoming more and more complex. It runs up to a maximum operating temperature of 1450°C. Combusted gas present inside the application has to be released steadily, with minimal energy loss. To withstand these pressure created by the gas, nowadays thermocouples are designed with high wall thickness to have a better resistance to thermal shock.

Technical Specification:

Element: ‘S’ Type / ‘R’ type, recommended 0.50 or 0.45mm, in some cases ‘N’ type thermocouple can be used for cost saving, where the temperature is max 1100°C.

Inner protection tube: 99.7% Recrystallized Alumina

Outer tube (Options):

  1. Recrystallized Alumina 99.7% (Type: C-799)-High wall thickness (recommended) upto 1700°C
  2. Recrystallized Silicon Carbide –Better thermal shock resistant upto 1500°C
  3. Inconel 600 with ceramic coating – Better mechanical strength upto 1150°C

Glass Sealing: Glass sealing provides a pressure boundary, even if the bottom of the thermocouple breaks there shall be no leakage from the thermocouple head.

Holding tube: Inconel 600 or SS310

Flange: Welded (recommended) or threaded as per process requirement.

Head: Die-cast aluminum, Ingress Protection IP67.