Aluguard Molten Thermowell

What is ALUGUARD Molten Thermowell?

Aluguard is a special purpose thermowell with refractory surface which resists erosion and fast eating up-off by molten Aluminium.The refractory material along with special intrinsic packing used which provides high thermal resistance. Further no additional coating is required to prolong working life, the tip of Aluguard is constructed with special arrangement which provides good protection from high heat during dipping in molten aluminium to provide better life to sensor and thermowell.


  • It provides long life in molten aluminum.
  • Cost Effective as compared to other refractory coatings.
  • Special arrangement tip can be used to measure temperatures of molten metal with high accuracy without damaging the sensor life.
  • Rugged construction provides high strength and is suitable for harsh environment.
  • Contamination free.

Mainly the aluminium casng industries need wide range of temperature measurement for control of various
processes. Therefore they require long life, simple and economical thermowell for protecng sensing elements.
The Aluguard is the best soluon with High bond strength coang, Ensures permanent adhesiveness, easy
mounng, ability to resist surface penetraon by molten metal and slag.

Technical Specification

Temperature Range Up to 1000°C
Length 725 mm (Other on request)
Outer Diameter 34 mm with Coating (Other on request)
Inner Diameter 20.9 mm (Other on request)
Sheath material Cast Steel (Other on request)
End connection 3/4” NPT (M)(Other on request)


  • Mainly usable for molten Aluminium temperature measurements.
  • Also other molten metals temperature measurements up to1000˚C.

Type A-AG
End Connection (X)
T (X)
L1 (X)
T (X)

Ordering Example : A – AG – 34 – 3/4” NPT(M) – 25 – 700 – 725