E Series

E series pyrometers are two piece measurement systems containing one extended Sensor head and one electronic box. The electronic box comes with Inbuilt 4 digit LCD display which offers many signal processing features. The Keypad on the electronic box helps in setting parameters like Emissivity, Analog Sub range, Set point, Hysteresis (Hyst), Analog Output, Unit of temp(°C or F), Response Time, Peak Picker and Sensor address etc.

Key Features

  • EL50 and EL50-H models are specially designed to withstand high ambient temperature up to 120°C and 180°C easily.
  • Analog output options available like 0…20mA,4…20mA and 0…10V.
  • USB2.0 Digital output and RS-232/ RS-485 Serial interface & Relay output.
  • User friendly Infrasoft PC software for communication.

E Series Models

E150 PL

PL IR Pyrometer

Temperature Range: 50°C to 600°C

E450 PL

PL IR Pyrometer

Temperature Range: 600°C to 1900°C

E250 PL

PL IR Pyrometer

Temperature Range: 250°C to 1800°C

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