Calsys 650 PLUS – Portable, Highly Stable Automatic Temperature Calibrator for Industrial/ Laboratory Field Use

CALsys 650 PLUS offers easy to use portable temperature calibrator with a medium temperature range from 50 to 650°C. It is a highly stable standard furnace for calibrating thermocouples / RTD. This calibrator can be used on-site in workshops, test and measurement rooms as well as laboratories. The comparison volume is a metallic block of special material, which has a diameter of 32mm and 150mm long. The CALsys 650 PLUS is an automatic temperature calibration system for the Thermocouple and RTD’s. The system consists of a Temperature bath and PC software, which together contribute to the whole cycle of the auto-calibration process.

The system accepts 4 channels, 4 Thermocouples, or 4 RTDs. The connection for these channels through a special type of locking connectors. The channel configuration can be done with LCD display via a touch screen keypad. The thermocouple microvolt & RTD ohm reading for each channel is monitored with CJC compensation. After the calibration process complete the PC software generates a report of actual calibrated values for the inputs. Our newly designed CALsys 650 PLUS model offers better esthetic design and performance-wise upgraded to the next level.

This model offers better cooling time which is 2 times faster than our old model and has stability 30% better than the old CALsys 650 PLUS model. Hence our new model not only saves an important time for our valuable customer but also provides better performance.

With the Tempsens make Compact Temperature Calibrator, you have chosen an extremely effective instrument that we hope will live up to all your expectations. This is a fast, timesaving, and reliable true industrial temperature calibrator designed for on-site use.

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