CALsys -100/40 India’s First Ultra low temperature FPSC system based temperature calibrator

We are very happy to introduce you our new TEMPSENS make CALsys -100/40 India’s First Ultra low temperature FPSC system based Calibrator which is Portable, Highly accurate and Stable and offers a wide temperature range from -100°C to 40°C for Industrial/ Laboratory field use. It is a highly stable standard Calibrator for calibrating RTD, Thermocouple and thermistors.

This calibrator can be used on site for Ultra low temperature calibration in aerospace, oil gas petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, electric power, automotive and material process industry.

This calibrator working based on compact efficient Free Piston Sterling cooling (FPSC) technology. Thus now we can calibrate RTD, Thermocouple and other thermometer at ultra low temperature without need of liquid bath that is bulky and where expensive, flammable liquid medium has been used.

Key Points

  • Wide Temperature range i.e. from -100 °C to 40 °C
  • Very accurate and stable +/-0.05°C.
  • Light weight just 12 Kg , easy to carry.
  • Very Safe, No toxic or Hazardous liquid medium has been used.
  • Very Low power requirement, just 250W.