We are very much happy to introduce our new product CAL FAST a Portable, Very Fast, very High stability and accurate temperature calibrator (For Contact and non contact sensor) with a wide temperature range 40 to 350 Deg C ( Extended range up to 400). It is compact and extremely light weight just 1.5 Kg!
When you need to do Temperature Calibration (Both Contact and non contact type sensor) very fast with High accuracy then CAL FAST is the best option. CAL FAST is small and portable that allow user to carry one place to another place very easily.
1. Wide temperature Range 40 to 350 Deg C. ( Extended Range up to 400 C)
2. Fast Heating & Cooling,
RT to max temp in 10 Min
Max temp to 100 C in Just 15 Min
3. Highly stable +/- 0.07 C (30 Min Stability time)
4. Very Light weight 1.5 Kg
5. Removable insert with 100 mm immersion depth
6. CAL FAST also comes with Black body Cavity (25 mm Aperture and with emissivity 0.98) allows end user to calibrate non contact type sensor like pyrometer.